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Technical Skills Training Grant Fact Sheet


The Technical Skills Training grant was first developed in 2020 in response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program supported new and expanding accelerated skilled workforce training programs for displaced workers. The Technical Skills Training grant program aims to offset the cost for program providers and employers in their effort to support the development of highly trained skilled workers to meet the demands of our labor market. Since the initial launch of this program, the following legislative assemblies provided additional funding to keep the program operational.

Funding History

  • 2021-2023 - 67th Legislative Session - $1,000,000- Coronavirus Relief Fund; funding source closed
  • 2021-2023 - 67th Special Legislative Session - $3,000,000; sustain; American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA); added Track B; funding source open*
  • 2023-2025 - 68th Regular Legislative Session - $2,000,000; sustain; added Track C; funding source open contingent upon all remaining ARPA funds utilized

*Remaining ARPA funds will be awarded until all allocated funds are extinguished. Funding source will then utilize 68th Regular Legislative session general funds. Once this transition occurs, guidance will be adjusted to reflect North Dakota Office of Management and Budget requirements for grant funding occurring in this biennium. 

The Technical Skills Training grant is designed to support eligible training providers and employers in their efforts to design and launch rapid, non-degree re-skilling and upskilling programs (with occupations listed on the In-Demand Occupations List), or expand capacity in existing programs that began after May 17, 2021. All tracks require a 1:1 match.

This program has three tracks, each focused on developing or expanding a highly skilled workforce:

  • Track A reflects the initial intent of this grant program and is designed for new and expanding accelerated, non-degree training programs that prepare trainees for new jobs.
    • Programs in Track A may be eligible for up to $200,000.
    • Programs in Track A are not for incumbent workers.
  • Track B is designed for companies wishing to provide internal upskilling opportunities for their existing staff to promote movement and advancement throughout the organization, create more comprehensive onboarding and new worker training programs, and/or provide safety training for employees.
    • Programs in Track B may be eligible for up to $50,000 with a dollar-for-dollar match throughout the lifetime of the grant program.
  • Track C is designed to support workforce automation enhancement including but not limited to training and/or upskilling existing employees related to automation that has been implemented prior to the funding period; or to new or enhanced strategies, not to include the actual purchase of automation equipment.
    • Programs in Track C may be eligible for up to $200,000 for training and or upskilling existing workforce related to automation.
    • Applicants for Track C may apply for up to $100,000 for a feasibility study, related to automation.


  • Eligible applicants include North Dakota colleges and universities, business, non-profit organizations, city/county municipals, and/or trades organizations/associations in North Dakota.
    • Note: Degree programs are not eligible for funding under this grant.
  • Applicants must be registered and in good standing with the North Dakota Secretary of State‚Äôs office.
  • Training must take place in North Dakota.
  • Majority of program participants must reside and intend to work in North Dakota.
  • If tuition or training costs are part of the proposed application, the applicant may not pay those funds directly to the individuals receiving the education or training; the funds must be paid to the organization providing the education or training.
  • Jobs for which workers are being trained must be on the In-Demand Occupations List

Applicants must review complete grant guidance and ARPA funding guidelines prior to applying.   

Complete proposals need to demonstrate a clear and concise explanation of the project, training, labor demand, and population served. The Department requires this section be used as a template for applications. Applications will only be received and accepted through the online portal. 

NOTE: Failure to comply with the reporting requirements for the Grant may result in termination of the Grant.

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The Technical Skills Training Grant is administered by the Workforce Development Division of the Department of Commerce.

Questions may be directed to:
Kerri Kraft
ND Department of Commerce
P.O. Box 2057
Bismarck, North Dakota 58502-2057
Phone: 701-328-7263