Strategic Plan for Workforce Development

North Dakota's Strategic Plan for Workforce Development is a comprehensive plan for the state's system of workforce development, workforce training and talent attraction.

The plan focuses on:

  • Preparing our future workforce to meet the state's long-term employment opportunities
  • Facilitating the connection between business and workforce to align skills and interests with real work opportunities
  • Expanding and retaining our workforce to meet the wide range of work opportunities available in the state
  • Developing a clear picture of workforce development opportunities in the state to guide and support future efforts, and to assist career planners as they prepare themselves for the workforce

2022 Strategic Plan
2020 Strategic Plan
2018 Strategic Plan

Foundational Digital Literacy Research and Recommendations

Workforce Development Council Toolkit

Workforce Development Council presents 13 recommendations and 2 endorsements that the Council strongly feels can help address the greatest workforce challenges that face the State of North Dakota. The role of the North Dakota Workforce Development Council is to advise the Governor and the public concerning the nature and extent of workforce development in the context of North Dakota’s economic development needs, and how to meet these needs effectively while maximizing the efficient use of available resources and avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort.

In-Demand Occupations

Meeting Video Updates:

Workforce Development Council Update: Complete Video and Presentation

Occupational Licensing Reform

The goal of the Occupational Licensing Reform workgroup is to remove barriers to employment while preserving the health and safety of North Dakotans and promoting competition. 

Revamping our state’s current occupational licensing requirements will allow North Dakota to be better suited to address workforce challenges by making our state more accommodating to new and current residents seeking employment opportunities.

The purpose of Occupational Licensing Reform workgroup is to study North Dakota’s schema for occupational licensing in order to develop a thorough understanding of:

  • Licensing in our state
  • Discover best practices
  • Engage licensing boards and commissions
  • Identify the best path for reform

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