Attracting workers to North Dakota is essential in helping to meet the state’s current and future workforce needs. Internships provide a valuable way for students to make connections with businesses and identify career options in North Dakota. Operation Intern is designed to expand the number of internships, work experience and apprenticeship positions with North Dakota employers.

The program’s primary focus is employers in the state’s targeted industries: energy, advanced manufacturing, value-added agriculture, tourism and technology-based businesses, and healthcare. 

North Dakota businesses receive up to $4,000 in matching funds for the internships/apprenticeships. Funding can be used for items needed for the intern/apprentice to perform their internships, like wages, tools and equipment, essential training or tuition reimbursement. The funding is a one-to-one match.

Year 1 funding window is now closed, all funds allocated for this program year are under review. The next funding window will open February 1, 2024.

To participate in the Operation Intern program, fill out the application. You will be notified after the funding round closes whether you have been approved.  The maximum amount of Operation Intern funds an employer can receive is $20,000 per funding round or $40,000 per biennium. Employers will be limited to a maximum of 5 interns each funding round. This biennium will have two funding rounds. The first round of funding will be from May 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024. The second round of funding will be from May 1, 2024 thru June 30, 2025.

Please review the Operation Intern Program Guidance, prior to submission of an application. Please utilize the updated approved documentation, located in the Enrolled Employers tab to the right. 

Application review will be completed by the Work-based Learning Program Coordinator and reviewed by the Director of Workforce Development at the North Dakota Department of Commerce. A company’s eligibility will be based on qualifying industry and internship criteria. Funding will then be obligated to the companies that have met all guidance eligibility. Acceptance of applications can be reviewed until the allotted funding is fully obligated for a funding round. All applications will be considered and reviewed in the chronological order received. Once the applications received have satisfied that respected years funding allocation, all remaining applicants will be notified of the funding window closure.

In Demand Occupation

If you are approved, your organization will be emailed a Letter of Agreement. A signed copy of the Letter of Agreement needs to be returned within two weeks of being notified of award.  A Student Application form should be submitted prior to request for funds. 

Any funds not used in this time frame will be released and added to the funding for the second round. The second funding round will open February 1, 2024 and be from May 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025. Companies may apply for the maximum number of interns each round. 

For additional questions and assistance, contact Kerri Kraft, Work-based Learning Program Coordinator, at 701-328-7263 or e-mail

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