Workforce Development Programs for Business

Looking for programs to assist your businesses in creating and maintaining workforce in North Dakota? The links below will provide you access to a variety of workforce development programs that may fit your needs.

Performance Accountability Report


Find the Good Life in ND

The North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce division and founders of the national talent attraction agency RoleCall, partnered up to share the what, why, and how behind the state’s comprehensive workforce talent attraction program, the expansion of Find the Good Life, and the first-of-its-kind, relocation help desk.

RoleCall founders Winona Dimeo-Ediger and Tim Carty explain what every North Dakotan can do to make this program a success, why is the state is approaching the labor shortage in an innovative way, and how the program will function.

Become a Community Champion Today

The State Marketing team has put together a toolkit for our partners to help promote the states efforts and assist every North Dakotan on what they can do to make this program a success!

Find the Good Life Toolkit

 Find the Good Life Fact Sheet