The North Dakota Department of Commerce has implemented the Find the Good Life national talent attraction program.  The purpose is to improve awareness and showcase the best of life in North Dakota with the ultimate goal of motivating jobseekers and families to discover their journey to the state. 

The media for this campaign targets the personas: boomerangs, young families, recent college graduates and veterans, aiming to drive traffic to the Find the Good Life website

Once on the website individuals can find information about all things North Dakota including, things to do, healthcare, education and job opportunities within the state. 

Individuals looking for further resources and information are invited to seek personalized assistance by signing up on our relocation help desk to get connected to a real life North Dakotan, excited to share resources and their experiences living and working in the state. 

Relocation Help Desk

The State Marketing team has put together a toolkit for our partners to help promote the states efforts and assist every North Dakotan on what they can do to make this program a success!

Find the Good Life Toolkit