Apprenticeship is an arrangement that includes a paid-work component and an educational or instructional component, wherein an individual obtains workplace-relevant knowledge and skills.

Graphic showing the benefits of apprenticeship.



Fill the Talent Pool with Apprenticeships
Apprentices work and train from day one, which helps employers address two problems at once: shortage of skilled workers and the ongoing need for a highly skilled workforce.
• Blend training with work and productivity.
• Help you attract quality workers and tailor employee training to fit your needs.
• Provide an internal career ladder to promote your current workers.
Apprenticeship Industries
Manufacturing, energy, information technology and healthcare are prime industries for apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeship is an effective solution in any occupation that involves progressive attainment of manual, mechanical or technical skills, and knowledge which meets industry standards for that occupation.


Apprenticeship Components

An apprenticeship is a formal, on-the-job training program that typically has five components:

1. Employer involvement
2. On-the-job training
3. Related instruction
4. Paid work experience
5. Award of a nationally recognized industry credential


Get Started - Start an Apprenticeship Program

This quick guide provides information for companies, employers, labor, apprenticeship sponsors, educators, workforce professionals, intermediaries and community-based organizations on using the following Federal funds and resources to support registered apprenticeships.

Federal Resources

This toolkit provides helpful steps and resources to start and register an apprenticeship program, from exploring the apprenticeship model as a workforce strategy to launching a new program.

Quick Start Toolkit



Become an Apprentice

As an apprentice, you will be immersed in both classroom learning and on the job training from a professional in your chosen field. Unlike college, as an apprentice you will be paid for your time spent learning a trade.

If you are interested in exploring apprenticeship as the next step in your career, there are many ways to find opportunities in your area. Many businesses advertise their apprenticeship openings in local media and commercial job search sites. You can also access apprenticeships by visiting your local Job Service office or in their online database

You can also access listings of apprenticeship opportunities by using the Apprenticeship Finder Tool.