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The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Program's primary purpose is to assist communities in implementing locally designed anti-poverty programs. The CSBG Program, through the state's seven Community Action Agencies (CAAs), provide various services, including emergency assistance, money management and housing counseling, self sufficiency services, case management and outreach and referral services to low income households and persons within their respective regions. The CSBG Program is also closely integrated with the low income weatherization assistance program and various other programs that serve low income people and families.

Community Services, in cooperation with the CAAs, prepares an annual funding plan for the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services. Federal enabling legislation requires that a minimum of 90% of the States' funds be passed through to the CAAs. Funds are allocated to the regions based on several factors, including the geographic area and the percentage of low-income people within the region.

The CAA budgets and work plans are approved by Community Services and the agencies are monitored by Community Services for compliance with federal regulations and program rules. The North Dakota CARES Supplemental CSBG State Plan is now available.


2024-2025 CSBG State Plan & Documents

2024-2025 CSBG State Plan

2024 Poverty Guidelines

2024-2025 Application Program Guide

2022 CSBG Funding Formula


For information about the program contact Ben Faul, Program Administrator, at (701) 328-5316.

2022-2023 CSBG State Plan & Documents

2022-2023 CSBG State Plan

2023 Poverty Guidelines

ND CARES Supplemental CSBG State Plan

2020-2021 CSBG State Plan & Documents

2020-2021 CSBG State Plan

2020-2021 Application/Program Guide

For information on local services contact the Local Community Action Agency (CAA).

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