The North Dakota Department of Commerce is accepting proposals for Motion Picture Production and Recruitment Grant. The department has been appropriated funds available in the amount of $600,000 to eligible organizations.  


Grants shall be available during the current biennium: July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2025.   

Eligible Applicants  

Must be a North Dakota based organization which can do all filming and production in North Dakota and has a history of distributing impactful motion pictures about North Dakota’s land, history, and citizens.  

Application Process  

Eligible organizations shall submit a concise application letter to the Department of Commerce.  Applications shall identify the applicant, point of contact and associated contact information, amount requested, intended uses for the funds requested, examples of previous similar films, and desired outcomes.   

Applications shall be submitted electronically by July 31, 2023, to the Film Program Manager of the Department of Commerce’s Tourism & Marketing division:  

Mike Jensen   

Review Process  

The Department of Commerce will evaluate applications submitted to the Motion Picture Production and Recruitment Grant.  It may seek input from the Governor’s Office and/or legislative council on legislative intent.  Upon completion of the review process, the Department of Commerce shall notify applicants of funding decisions and issue award funds to a successful applicant.  

Intended Use of Award Funds  

The Motion Picture Production and Recruitment Grant was established to provide a film and theater production grant directly to an organization dedicated to the preservation and honor of North Dakota land, history, and citizens.  Film products should showcase the state by telling stories that will instill curiosity and potentially inspire viewers to learn more about the history, culture, and landscapes of North Dakota and to motivate travel.  


Successful applicants must track all expenditures of award funds and retain documentation that is readily accessible for auditing purposes.  Successful applicants must fulfill reporting requirements by providing a written report to the Department of Commerce, every 6 months, to fulfill legislative reporting requirements (format provided by the Department of Commerce).   

Commerce should be provided with film and photo assets not central to the film’s storyline, captured during production that may be used for state marketing efforts. 

Successful applicants must submit a written report using the provided format to the Department of Commerce by June 30, 2025, that summarizes how award funds were spent and describing progress toward the desired outcomes identified in their respective applications. The written reports shall also identify any unspent award funds and any photo and video assets provided to the state from the project. The report shall be submitted to the Film Program of the Department of Commerce’s Tourism & Marketing Division.