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Community Development Block Grant Public Services funds, in the form of operational costs, will be made available to existing and new agencies that support substance abuse recovery. These facilities serve individuals who have a history of substance abuse and addiction, with an emphasis on the homeless, those at risk of becoming homeless, and those referred by the judicial system. 

NOTE: To apply for funding, you must complete the CDBG Application Requirements and the Environmental Review found below. If you have questions about which are the correct forms to use, please contact Tonya Forderer at (701) 328-2676.

Application Requirements

  1. CDBG Final Application For Public Services (SFN61554)
  2. Public Notice and Notice of Public Hearing (SFN52663)  (Include minutes and affidavit of publication.)                            
  3. Recommendation for Funding (SFN52660)
  4. Citizen Participation Plan (SFN52662)                            
  5. Code of Conduct (SFN52357)
  6. Governors Fund (SFN53734) - Request for the Governor’s Fund are accepted anytime throughout the year. All requests must be sent to DCS.                 

*System for Award Management (SAM) - Cities, counties, contractors, and subcontractors must be registered and in good standing on Contractor clearance must be performed prior to contract award. 

Environmental Review

All Environmental Review information is available in the CDBG Administrative Manual.


Financial Forms

ACH Authorization Form (SFN52477) – Must be submitted after the grant is signed.

CDBG Request for Funds (SFN4630) – Must be submitted for every financial draw.

Request for Amendment (SFN52355) – Must be submitted for all budget revisions, extensions of time, special conditions, or scope of work amendments.

Closeout Reports

Closeout Reports

These reports should be submitted as soon as the project is complete and the final public hearing has been held.

Final Performance Report (SFN52344) - Must be submitted for all projects.

Financial Status Report (SFN52343) - Must be submitted with the Semi-Annual Progress Report and the Final Report for all projects.

Direct/Indirect Benefit Activities (SFN52347) - Must be submitted for all projects.

Equipment Inventory (SFN52353) - Must be submitted if equipment was purchased.

Final public hearing notice and minutes are required.

Monitoring Forms

Monitoring Forms

These forms will be used by Community Services when performing program file monitoring and on-site monitoring of CDBG projects.

File Monitoring Review Used by Community Services to perform file monitoring.

On-Site Monitoring Review Used by Community Services to perform on-site monitoring.



2023 Income Limits - Determines the eligibility of applicants for HUD's assisted programs.

2021 Income Limits Determines the eligibility of applicants for HUD's assisted programs.

2020 Income Limits Determines the eligibility of applicants for HUD's assisted programs.

Semi-Annual Progress Report (SFN52342) - Must be submitted semi-annually for all projects.

Conflict of Interest Forms - This form is required to determine a Conflict of Interest.