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The Office of Legal Immigration will be in the Department of Commerce. The Office’s objectives per the legislature is to:  

  • Develop and implement a statewide strategy to support recruitment and retention of foreign labor, including immigrants already in the U.S. 
  • Advise and make recommendations to the governor, legislative assembly and state agencies regarding immigrant integration and foreign labor issues 
  • Develop a pilot program that supports businesses pursuing or employing work-authorized immigrants and supporting communities to develop integration plans and activities 
  • Partner with other state agencies to develop and administer programs or services related to immigration integration.  

The Office will serve as a liaison between agencies and partners that facilitate global talent and immigration activities, the governor’s office, and the legislative body. It will also provide ongoing support for and participation in the ND Global Talent Taskforce, including the initial identification and onboarding of partners. However, there are several steps that need to be completed before the office will officially be ‘open for business.’ 

  • Complete comprehensive research to identify how this office can best support employers, communities, individuals and families. This research will engage a variety of stakeholders, partners, national experts, employers, communities and individuals. 
  • Using the research results, develop a responsive pilot project framework supporting businesses that are hiring and employing global talent, communities that are welcoming newcomers, and individuals and families who are choosing North Dakota as their new home. 
  • Identify long-term goals, activities and tasks of the Office based on the research findings. 



Office of Legal Immigration (OLI) Contacts: 

Paige Kuntz, Global Talent Coordinator 701-328-7292 

Janna Pastir, Deputy Director 701-328-5393 


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