What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a federally-funded national service program modeled after the Peace Corps. AmeriCorps allows U.S. citizens to serve their country at home, meeting critical community needs. AmeriCorps State members provide direct services to nonprofit organizations in communities throughout North Dakota. AmeriCorps positions are temporary service positions, with both PT and FT opportunities. Positions provide a variety of benefits, including a living stipend, education award (up to $6,895 per year).

Where is AmeriCorps Operating in North Dakota?

Service locations are added frequently. A list of past service locations can be found by clicking here

How long is the commitment?

The length of service ranges from 3 months to 1 year, depending on the program needs. You may apply to serve again with the same program or another program upon completion.

What is the Education Award?

After successfully completing our AmeriCorps term of service, you are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. You can use the award to repay qualified student loans and to pay current educational expenses at eligible institutions of higher education and training programs. A member who is 55+ can transfer their education award to a child or grandchild.

Current award amounts are as follows:

  • Full-time - 1,700 Hours - $6,895
  • Three-quarters-time - 1,200 Hours - $4,826.50
  • Half-time - 900 Hours - $3,447.50
  • Reduced half-time - 675 Hours - $2,626.27            
  • Quarter-time - 450 Hours - $1,824.07            
  • Minimal-time and Summer Associate - 300 Hours - $1,459.26

Is AmeriCorps Service considered a job?

AmeriCorps is considered National Service, not employment. However, members do receive a small living stipend to support their expenses during service. Service positions are intended to be temporary.

I am interested in serving in North Dakota. How can I find out more?

To find out about positions as they become available, complete the contact form to be notified by email. You can also reach out directly to a program by referencing the program contact information in the “AmeriCorps Projects in North Dakota”.