Grant Programs


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The North Dakota Department of Commerce provides nearly 50 programs and services to support business, workforce and community development in partnership with local leaders. 


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Biotechnology Research Grants - Provides dollars to designated projects to conduct research on and develop and commercialize vaccines and antibodies for the prevention of, treatment of, or cure for cancer; virally infectious diseases; or other pathogens.


Workforce Development

  • Workforce Enhancement - Provides funding for designated two-year colleges and tribally controlled community colleges to develop or expand training programs that address the needs of business and industry.

  • Operation Intern - Provides matching funds to help expand the number of internship, work experience and apprenticeship positions with North Dakota employers


Community Services

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) - Provides financial assistance to eligible units of local government to support housing, public facilities and economic development.
  • Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) - Provides assistance through Community Action Agencies for anti-poverty programs.
  • ​Energy Conservation Grants - Assist North Dakota political subdivisions in making energy efficiency improvements to public buildings.
  • The Statewide Public Space Initiative- Placemaking (SPSI) Planning Grant is a multi-faceted approach to planning, designing, and managing public spaces, and these community assets are critical to economic resilience and workforce attraction and retention across the state of North Dakota.
  • The Main Street Initiative (MSI) Vibrancy Grant Program supports local efforts to increase community vibrancy by providing seed funding for a small project that will build momentum and inspire additional projects. Community vibrancy improves quality of life, helps attract and retain workforce, and enhances community pride.  
  • The Main Street Initiative (MSI) Partners in Planning (PiP) Grant Program supports non-profit organizations and/or local governments in completing a comprehensive plan or economic development/diversification strategic plan. This grant program is intended to empower communities to proactively plan their futures, seek smart, efficient infrastructure development and offer a healthy, vibrant environment for residents and visitors. 
  • The Main Street Initiative (MSI) Artists on Main Program is an accelerated program offers technical assistance and funding to develop and install art to North Dakota MSI communities. This unique opportunity consists of creative community development training, one-on-one technical assistance for artists and community leaders from placemaking experts, and financial support for up to five small projects that address local challenges affecting the vibrancy of their community.  
  • To be considered a Main Street Champion Community and qualify for favorable terms on some state grant applications, communities must complete an action plan and host a Main Street Initiative visit.



  • Main Street Tourism Outdoor Recreation Grant - Designed to support new or expanding businesses that provide new outdoor recreation opportunities, improve visitor experiences, and have an emphasis on attracting visitors and visitor dollars to North Dakota communities.
  • Tourism Planning Grants - $1 million dollars was awarded to five projects through the 2021 tourism planning grants with dedicated funding provided by the 2021 legislature.  The grants supported entities interested in developing a major attractions in North Dakota in an effort to diversify the state’s economy and support healthy and vibrant communities. Future planning grants may be offered pending budget availability.
  • Main Street Tourism Expansion Grants – Dollars have been provided to support new or expanding businesses and activities that provide an improved visitor experience with an emphasis on attracting new visitors to North Dakota communities and great outdoors. Future grants will be announced pending budget availability.