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The North Dakota Department of Commerce offers programs and services to support business, workforce and community development in partnership with local leaders. 


Workforce Development

  • Technical Skills Training Grant - The Technical Skills Training grant is designed to support eligible training providers and employers in their efforts to design rapid, non-degree re-skilling and upskilling programs, or expand capacity in existing programs. (Appropriated $2M)
  • Operation Intern - Operation Intern is designed to expand the number of internships, work experience and apprenticeship positions with North Dakota employers. (Appropriated $1M)
  • Regional Workforce Impact Program (RWIP) - The North Dakota Regional Workforce Impact Program (RWIP) provides grants to regional workforce entities in North Dakota to design and implement innovative plans to address their region’s most demanding workforce challenges. (Appropriated $12.5M)
  • NEW - New American Workforce Pilot Program - Office of Legal Immigration to lead a study to determine the vision, mission, and goals of the Office. This study will also inform the intent of the New American Workforce Pilot Program. This program will launch later in the biennium. (Appropriated $2M)


Community Services

  • Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) - Provides financial assistance to eligible units of local government to support housing, public facilities and economic development. (Appropriated $12) 
  • Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) - Provides assistance through Community Action Agencies for anti-poverty programs. (Appropriated $10M)
  • State Energy Program Grant - Community Services makes SEP funds available to applicants for a variety of energy efficiency related activities. (Appropriated $120M)
  • To be considered a Main Street Champion Community and qualify for favorable terms on some state grant applications, communities must complete an action plan and host a Main Street Initiative visit.
  • Energy Conservation Grant - Energy conservation projects in nonfederal public buildings owned by political subdivisions may qualify for consideration. (Appropriated $1.2M)
  • Rural Workforce Housing Grant - The Rural Workforce Housing Grant supports non-profit organizations and/or local governments in development and improvement of affordable housing options for the workforce in rural areas. (Appropriated $2M)  
  • Rural Food Sustainability Grant - Program for rural grocery store sustainability and food access expansion pilot grant program. Commerce will work to establish guidelines to award funding later in the biennium. (Appropriated $1M)
  • Rural Facility Planning Grant - The purpose of a Rural Facility Planning Grant is to provide funding to support the planning and development of empty or soon-to-be empty facilities or buildings in rural areas. 



  • Destination Development Grant Program aims to provide financial support to develop new or expanded tourism experiences and attractions resulting in economic growth and diversification. Also, to increase unique experiences for workforce recruitment and retention and enhance North Dakota residents' quality of life. (Appropriated $25M) The Destination Development Grant Program is now closed. Please click the link above to view the information on the awardees.


Economic Development and Finance (ED&F)

  • Innovate ND - A state funded voucher reimbursement program to help North Dakota entrepreneurs further their business by supporting customer and market research. ($948,467)
  • North Dakota Native American Small Business Grant - Funds designated to support an organization dedicated to assisting native American small businesses in North Dakota. One-time award maximum amount $350,000.  Only one award will be made.
  • Automate ND is designed to provide financial support to North Dakota PSC businesses who are facing a workforce shortage.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Biotechnology Research Grants - Provides dollars to designated projects to conduct research on and develop and commercialize vaccines and antibodies for the prevention of, treatment of, or cure for cancer; virally infectious diseases; or other pathogens.