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North Dakota Department of Commerce Division of Tourism and Marketing has launched a newly enhanced website, NDtourism.com.

The enhanced site provides a plethora of information, photos and videos to showcase the vibrancy of the state with a new look and improved usability.

The site received the most visits ever in 2021 and that increased traffic and mobile use and necessitated several performance updates. While the visual and navigational improvements are most prominent, the focus was to ensure it continues to rank on page one within the Google Search engine from organic keywords.

Google recently announced changes that would impact the ranking of websites, and with almost half of NDtourism.com traffic coming from a search engine, it was important for the enhanced site to pass the vitals test, which prioritizes search engine ranking.

“By implementing these new enhancements to NDtourism.com, the site will offer visitors an enjoyable and engaging experience that showcases diverse offerings found across our state,” Commerce Tourism and Marketing Director Sara Otte Coleman said.

Another enhancement includes an improved partner access portal, which has been updated with new features and better integration for industry partners.

Tourism and Marketing is hosting a training webinar on the new partner access portal on Jan. 4, 2022 at 1 p.m. CST. The training session will provide attraction and recreation providers, event planners and accommodation providers the information needed to get their experiences listed for free on NDtourism.com.

NDtourism.com hosted 2,155,110 visits and provided 281,712 referrals to partner sites in 2021.  The site traffic grew 26% in 2021 on top of a 52% increase in 2020.


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