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The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today the application program is now open for primary sector businesses wishing to utilize the Automation Tax Credit for automation equipment purchases made during the 2023 calendar year. Applicants are required to submit applications by Jan. 31 but are encouraged to begin preparing applications early.

Under the Automation Tax Credit program (N.D.C.C. § 57-38-01.41), certified primary sector businesses stand to benefit from a tax credit of up to 15% for the acquisition or capital lease of machinery and equipment designed to automate manufacturing or animal agricultural processes within North Dakota. Should applicants require clarification on their primary sector certification status, assistance is available via email at ndedf@nd.gov.

To be eligible, applicants must have taken ownership of the automation equipment during the 2023 calendar year. Additionally, businesses applying must have held primary sector certification both at the time of purchase and throughout the application process.

“Automation tax credits can help address workforce shortages by providing financial incentives for businesses to invest in automated technologies. When companies adopt automation solutions, they can often streamline processes, increase efficiency, and increase capacity while upskilling current staffing,” said Commerce Advanced Manufacturing Business Development Manager David Lehman. “Any automated equipment which replaces manual processes and results in improved job quality or productivity may be a candidate for the program.”

Once the completed application is received, it is reviewed by a team of reviewers and the Economic Development & Finance Director prior to submittal to the North Dakota Tax Department.

For details and applications for the Automation Tax Credit program, visit ndgov.link/Automation-tax-credit.

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