Thursday, September 7, 2023 - 04:36 pm

Nominations for the 2023 Governor's Main Street Awards are now open! These awards celebrate communities and organizations in North Dakota that exemplify the principles of the Main Street Initiative (MSI) by enhancing the quality of life for residents. 

The Main Street Initiative (MSI) Vibrancy Grant Program, a proud supporter of these awards, will grant winners a $500 reimbursable vibrancy grant to fuel local projects that inspire community vibrancy. 

"Community vibrancy improves our quality of life, attracts talent, and fosters community pride," says Commerce Community Services Team Director Maria Effertz. The 2023 Governor's Main Street Awards aim to honor those who actively work towards these goals. 

2023 Award Categories: 

  1. Main Street Excellence Award: Recognizing rural and urban communities or "Community Champions" that embody the MSI pillars: Smart, Efficient Infrastructure; 21st Century Workforce; Economic Diversification; and Healthy, Vibrant Communities. 
  1. 21st Century Workforce Award: Celebrating excellence in workforce development for rural and urban communities or businesses. 
  1. Healthy, Vibrant Community Award: Honoring communities or groups that invest in projects that enhance community health and vibrancy. 
  1. Smart, Efficient Infrastructure Award: Recognizing sound planning decisions and innovative ideas that ensure efficient use of resources. 
  1. Economic Diversification Award: Acknowledging contributions to community resiliency and local morale. 
  1. Future Leaders Empowerment Award: Recognizing individuals or communities engaging students in creating healthy, vibrant communities. 

Nominate your community heroes before the September 15th, 2023 deadline and help us celebrate the efforts transforming North Dakota into a better place to live and thrive.  The MSI Vibrancy Grant Program supports local initiatives that enhance community vibrancy in North Dakota. By providing seed funding for small projects, the program empowers communities to create positive change and build a brighter future for their residents.  

For nominations and more information, visit