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The Destination Marketing Association of North Dakota (DMAND) and North Dakota Travel Alliance Partnership (TAP) is inviting travel and hospitality professionals to participate in a survey that aims to determine the value of a new statewide travel industry association for North Dakota.

Representatives of various statewide organizations, such as DMAND and TAP, are dedicated to fostering the growth of sustainable tourism and enthusiastic about the potential of a unified travel industry association. This association could serve as a platform to collaborate, innovate, and drive growth within North Dakota’s tourism landscape.

Participation in this survey, including input from entities such as attractions, events, lodging, food and beverage, communities and events/festivals, will play a pivotal role in determining the goals, priorities, and structure of the association. Thoughts and ideas shared by respondents will contribute to the development of initiatives that promote responsible and inclusive tourism practices, enhance visitor experiences, and support the local communities that are the backbone of our industry.

Survey Details:

Responses will be confidential and used solely for the purpose of shaping the new travel industry

For more information, contact Terri Thiel, TAP Chair, at terri@visitdickinson.com.

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