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In a strategic move to enhance and support international recruitment and immigrant inclusion in the workforce, the North Dakota Department of Commerce is collaborating with Dalberg and Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP). Dalberg's 20+ year track record and extensive experience positions them as formidable partners in advancing the objectives of the Office of Legal Immigration (OLI).

Dalberg and LaMP bring to the table a wealth of expertise spanning immigration and immigration law, labor mobility, workforce development, economic planning, and newcomer integration. This collaborative approach ensures solutions that are not only market-responsive but also considerate of both private and public sector needs.

The statewide study, a major component of this collaboration, is already underway, with anticipation building for the full study report slated for release in the Spring of 2024. This study aims to explore ways to support businesses in recruiting and retaining foreign labor, including immigrants already in the United States. 

"This alliance reaffirms our commitment to advancing the mission of the North Dakota Office of Legal Immigration (OLI), anticipating valuable insights and support for collectively refining strategies, and contributing to the economic development and inclusivity of our state", said Paige Kuntz, Global Talent Coordinator at OLI. 

More information about OLI can be found at commerce.nd.gov/workforce/office-legal-immigration.

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