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Gov. Doug Burgum along with North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism and Marketing Director Sara Otte Coleman and North Dakota Department of Transportation Division Director for Planning and Asset Management Director Scott Zainhofsky unveiled the new tourism and marketing campaign, and the 100th anniversary edition of the North Dakota state highway map today.

The 2023 campaign was developed from image and advertising effectiveness research that took place in 2022. The campaign, called Hello, builds on feedback showing that North Dakota defies expectations with its vast outdoors, exciting events and cities, friendly people and affordability. The campaign’s messaging conveys a warm welcome to potential visitors and provides a sense of our genuine hospitality, energetic vibe and invitation to take a road trip, explore our great outdoors, visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and participate in countless activities, from golfing to art museums.

“Tourism marketing is critical to improving the awareness of our state,” Burgum said. “This new campaign highlights our citizens’ friendly nature while showcasing our must-see activities available across the state. Increasing awareness of all North Dakota has to offer not only attracts visitors but also elevates our state as a potential new home for workers, businesses and families.” 

The campaign was developed in response to a 2022 national awareness and perception study by Development Counsellors International (DCI). Research showed the state is perceived more favorably as a place to visit and live but overall lacks familiarity.

“We consistently hear about North Dakota’s warm hospitality and welcoming communities,” Otte Coleman said. “This campaign plays off of our ‘North Dakota nice’ reputation and offers visitors inspiration and all the tools they need to plan and book their trips to our remarkable state. 

The tourism and marketing strategy will continue to include a media mix of print, out-of-home, digital, social, sponsorships and video. The division will spend $3.1 million advertising the state in 2023. North Dakota will be featured in niche programming, have an increased presence in digital advertising, be featured on an elevated train in downtown Chicago and continue a partnership with the Green Bay Packers.

One fun element of the 2023 campaign connects it with the 1-800-HELLO-ND phone number that has long been a staple of North Dakota travel counseling.

Two new guides have been unveiled. The 2023 Travel Guide features beautiful imagery, refreshed itineraries and easy-to-find information to inspire and motivate visitors to experience North Dakota’s outdoor adventures, history and culture, while promoting attractions, events and places to stay.

Back for 2023 is the Hunting and Fishing Guide which includes guides and outfitter listings, resources for anglers and hunters, areas to hunt and fish, regulation highlights, license information and more.

Tourism and Marketing will distribute 275,000 travel guides and 40,000 hunting and fishing guides by mail, in visitor centers and rest areas, at events and per requests due to marketing efforts.

This is also the 100th anniversary of our North Dakota state highway map. This year’s map features QR codes which direct users to online sources that provide specific travel information for that area.  

“We’re excited to partner with Commerce’s tourism team to launch the 100th anniversary edition of the state highway map,” Transportation Director Ron Henke said. “The map features additional roads, areas of interest and QR codes to help the public take full advantage of all North Dakota has to offer.”

To find out more about the 2023 marketing campaign and get the new materials, go to HelloND.com.


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