Tourism Signage: Signing requests for recreational, tourist and historical features are to be by application to NDDOT's Tourism Signage Advisory Committee. The TSAC will determine funding based on classification: 1) National importance, 100 percent funding by NDDOT; 2) Statewide importance, 50 percent funding by NDDOT, 50 percent local funding; 3) Local importance, 100 percent local funding. Contact the Signing Manager at 701-328-2546 for more information.

Tourism Oriented Directional Signs: TODS are signs that provide identification of and directional information for tourist-related businesses, services and activities. They are defined as rural agricultural business and tourism attractions, including recreation, historical sites, festival and cultural events, lodging and food services which are singularly and uniquely related to historical, cultural or recreational tourist attractions. Signs are funded 100 percent by the requester. Requests are by application. Contact the Signing Manager at 701-328-2546. TODS application: