Brochures on display in one of North Dakota's rest areas

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The North Dakota Department of Commerce and the North Dakota Department of Transportation have collaborated to place travel information in fifteen rest areas along major traffic corridors across the state. The Tourism Division has also partnered with the State Historical Society of North Dakota to place travel brochures in two staffed historic site visitor centers.

When traveling, visitors often lack knowledge of local offerings and can be overwhelmed by the excess of information on the internet. The North Dakota Rest Area Brochure Distribution Program works to provide reliable resources about destinations and services to the public. North Dakota Tourism's managed tourist information areas can enhance visitor enjoyment by providing quality printed resources about a destination's offerings and can assist in directing people to staffed CVB/Chamber visitor centers.

Additional time spent exploring a community creates increased tourism economic impact through additional visitor expenditures, expanding length of stay/lodging, and higher visitation to attractions and businesses. North Dakota visitor information areas provide a one-stop, physical location from which travelers can connect to attractions, events, and businesses by allowing them to collect information about tourism opportunities and services in the state.

Number of Brochures varies depending on the number of rest areas chosen and appeal of the piece.  Tourism's benchmark is 350 brochures for each site your brochures will be displayed or 5,250 for all 15 locations.  Partners are allowed to use evergreen materials year after year and only resupply the amount needed to keep the racks full.  We are committed to working with partners to find a satisfactory number to keep the racks full and not waste printed materials.

IMPORTANT: If new brochures have not been delivered to Presort by the April 4th deadline, your piece(s) may not be included in initial rest are set up.  Late brochures may not be placed into the racks in a timely manner and would most likely not be placed into the correct region or city.

Inventory: A monthly photographic inventory will be taken at the warehouse to record only the number of cases.  Tourism will notify partners when they are running low or are out of brochures at Presort.  It is imperative that partners ship additional brochures in a timely fashion.

All material must be shipped to or dropped off at:

Presort Plus
2355 Vermont Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58504

If you need assistance or would like more information, please contact Mike Jensen at 701-328-2509 or