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As a military officer, Justin Zimmer of Bismarck, North Dakota has been on his share of missions – having been deployed twice, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Now that he’s retired from the military, Justin has a new mission: support his fellow comrades through the Veteran Golfers Association. Justin's journey is one of resilience, camaraderie, and a dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of veterans.

After 13 moves in 25 years, Justin returned his family to his roots of North Dakota in 2019. His deep connection to the state and passion for golf have converged to create a powerful force for good within the Veteran Golfers Association. Justin's golf journey began in the military, where he and his unit would set up a makeshift driving range in the heart of the desert, honing their skills by hitting 50-gallon drums. Little did he know, this seemingly casual pastime would evolve into a lifelong passion.

North Dakota was recently added as a chapter to the Veteran Golfers Association, which stands as a beacon for veterans seeking the joy of golf and the companionship of those who have shared similar experiences. Many veterans, upon retiring, find themselves missing the unique bond forged during their service. The Veteran Golfers Association serves as a bridge, allowing them to reconnect and build new friendships on the golf course.

“I found myself really looking forward to these events and the relationships I have formed with these follow veterans and golfers. Making these connections wasn’t something I expected when I joined the Veteran Golfers Association and now it’s what I look forward to the most,” said Zimmer.

Justin loves many courses throughout North Dakota because so many encapsulate the beauty of North Dakota and serves as a testament to the state's commitment to providing the best living experience for veterans. North Dakota ranks among the best places for veterans to live, and Justin's story exemplifies the rich opportunities and support available.

The Veteran Golfers Association, like North Dakota, is supportive of families, providing opportunities to play together and allowing Justin to spend valuable time on the course with his family. His oldest son Jack plays in many events with Justin and has also won several times. His wife, Jodi and his youngest son, Joesph are now avid golfers. “I truly cherish the time we have together, golf has been a big part of that,” Zimmer said.

Justin’s story is a true testament to finding the good life in North Dakota. His compelling story highlights why making the move to North Dakota can be an empowering way to find a new passion. His journey exemplifies the positive impact of golf on veterans' lives and the beauty of North Dakota as a welcoming home for those who have served.

As proud sponsors of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, North Dakota Tourism and Find the Good Life in North Dakota through the North Dakota Department of Commerce are pleased to share Justin’s inspiring story and his love for golf in North Dakota. This prestigious event provides an excellent platform to showcase Justin’s dedication to his fellow Veterans as well as the beauty of North Dakota's golf courses.

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