Tuesday, March 12, 2024 - 11:15 am

The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that eighteen organizations were approved for $4,191,640 through the Regional Workforce Impact Program (RWIP) in round 1. The RWIP provides grants to regional workforce entities in North Dakota to design and implement innovative plans to address their region’s most demanding workforce challenges.

"The RWIP is a great opportunity for communities and regions in North Dakota to create lasting solutions for our workforce challenges," Commerce Workforce Director Katie Ralston Howe said. "We're excited to announce the recent recipients of this first round and impressed by the innovative, impactful, locally led solutions they proposed. We're eager to see how these projects unfold!"

The RWIP recipients include:   

  • The City of Alexander was funded $500,000 to build a new childcare facility for approximately 70 children. 
  • The Divide County EDC was funded $72,000 to develop a marketing campaign to attract new residents and workers to Divide County. 
  • The McKenzie County JDA was funded $4,855 to create a magazine showcasing McKenzie County's lifestyle advantages to attract and retain a skilled workforce. 
  • Williams County was funded $11,400 to develop a video series to introduce the community and its offerings, aiming to attract families and talent. 
  • Golden Kids Early Learning and Childcare Center was funded $215,323 to renovate and expand their existing childcare facility to create additional spaces for 3–5-year-olds. 
  • The Minot Area Chamber EDC was funded $250,000 to promote the WayFinders initiative, a targeted national campaign to attract employees to the Minot area. 
  • The Rugby Convention and Visitors Bureau was funded $63,425 to participate in a documentary series called "My Town" to showcase Rugby and attract new residents and workers. 
  • The Souris Basin Planning Council was funded $241,500 to develop a regional identity and messaging strategy to attract a diverse and skilled workforce. 
  • St. Therese Little Flower Parish was funded $188,028 to remodel a vacant convent into a childcare facility offering early childhood and Montessori care for up to 25 children. 
  • StrengthenND was funded $250,000 to support the creation of marketing materials that will leverage and increase engagement for the "Find the Good Life" campaign in Region 3. 
  • The Grand Forks Region EDC was funded $223,191 to implement a three-pronged approach to retain talent in the region. 
  • The Grand Forks Region EDC was funded an additional $100,000 to conduct a study on the workforce needs that will drive an action plan and talent attraction strategy implementation of the UAS and manufacturing sectors in Region 4. 
  • Park River Area Schools was funded $500,000 to construct a new early learning center. 
  • Little Miracles Learning Center was funded $433,248 to construct a new childcare building to increase the number of available childcare slots. 
  • Small Wonders Preschool and Child Care Center was funded $500,000 to relocate and expand their childcare center to a new, more cost-effective location. 
  • James Valley CTE was funded $500,000 to expand their existing childcare center by renovating an indoor space. 
  • The Valley City Barnes County Development Corporation was funded $71,220 to utilize data to identify target communities for talent attraction. 
  • The Wishek JDA was funded $67,450 to update and remodel the lower level of their community daycare building to expand capacity.

Round 2 of the RWIP is currently open until April 1st, 2024, and eligible communities can visit ndgov/RWIP to apply.