Section I Grant Information

A. Background

The 68th Legislative Assembly of North Dakota (2023-2025) House Bill 1018-Section 11; appropriated general funds to the Department of Commerce for one-time funding approved by the sixty-eighth legislative assembly – funds designated to support an organization dedicated to assisting native American small businesses in North Dakota. The department may spend the appropriated funds only as authorized in this section.   

Maximum Amount: $350,000 (only one award will be made); one-time award

B. Application Window

Applications shall be submitted electronically by February 27, 2024 at 5:00pm CST to the Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development and Finance Division: 

Shayden Akason

Questions may be submitted to Shayden Akason until February 16th at 5 p.m. Questions and answers will be posted on this webpage by 5 p.m. on February 19th.

Questions and Answers

C. Eligibility

An organization dedicated to assisting native American small businesses in North Dakota.                

Section II Grant Proposals

A. Proposal Requirements 

Grant proposals should follow the format shown in Section B, Proposal Format (below). Proposals that fail to meet the criteria set in Part B will not be rated until clarification or additional information is sufficient for the proposal rating process.

B. Proposal Format 

Ensure a concise proposal that clearly explains how your organization will support native American small businesses.   

Grant applications aligned with the format and required information below will provide clarity for review and will speed up the review process. 


  1. Mission Statement
    1. Describe how the organization qualifies for the funds.
  2. Support Description
    1. Describe the overall goals and objectives for how your organization will support native American small businesses.
    2. Explain the need for the proposed services and activities.
    3. Describe how and where the organization will operate. 
  3. Budget Proposal 
    1. Budget Narrative: Provide detailed information on what the grant dollars will be spent on.  

Section III Proposal Review and Approval

A. Proposal Review and Rating

Review of proposals are conducted by the Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce will work with designated individuals to clarify proposals and to ensure completeness. 

B. Grant Approval 

The Department of Commerce will officially notify the grantee of the award by contacting the respective applicant. The notification will include:

  1. Amount awarded

  2. Request that the applicant name an authorized agent as the contact with the division on the specific grant

  3. Request that the grantee not publicize the award, pending a press release made by the Department of Commerce first. 

Section IV Grant Agreement 

A. Grant Agreement Development

Upon approval of a grant proposal, Commerce will develop a grant agreement. Commerce will work with the authorized agent to finalize grant agreement details.

B. Reporting Requirements

  1. Progress Narrative

Progress Narratives describing the activities carried out and application of funds will be submitted every 6 months. Narratives will be sent via email to: .The subject line must read: ND Native American Small Business Grant.

C.  Grant Agreement Modification 

The grantee will contact the division to get prior approval on adjustments to the approved grant funds budget, grant agreement terms, or funding. Approved requests may be denied if not appropriate to the grant or may require a grant agreement modification prior to implementation. A line-item deviation from the grant agreement budget of no more than 10% will be accepted without prior permission and will not require a grant agreement modification. This deviation allowance does not include total grant agreement amount.

Grant agreement modifications should be completed during the grant agreement period.

D.  Grant Agreement Closeout

Near the end of the grant agreement, the Division will notify the grantee that the grant agreement has been closed. This notification signifies the end of the grant agreement and releases the administrator and the grantee from any further obligations under the grant agreement.