Non-Resident Nursing Employment Recruitment Program


Healthcare workers posed with stethoscopes

Incentivizing employment provides a valuable way for employees to make career decisions based on locating and residing to specific areas in North Dakota.  The Nonresident Nurse Employment Recruitment Program is a grant program, designed to attract and retain highly-qualified nurses to North Dakota. The focus of the program is to assist in incentivizing the healthcare industry as a shortage in nursing is one of the state’s targeted industries. Priority will be given to rural facilities, facilities who have never participated in the program, and the hiring of diverse nursing specialties, i.e behavioral health nurses, geriatric health nurses, intensive care specialized nurses.
During the 2019-2021 biennium, the North Dakota Legislature awarded the Nonresident Nurse Employment Recruitment Program. Healthcare facilities can access up to $4,000 of incentive matching funds for each nurse relocating to North Dakota or nursing student recruited in North Dakota.  Please read the complete version of guidelines to determine if your facility qualifies for the program.

The employer is responsible for selecting and hiring the licensed nurse. To qualify for the program, employers must select a nurse who is: 

a. Licensed to practice in the state of North Dakota;
b. Nursing students in the state who have not been employed by a licensed healthcare provider on a fulltime basis in the year preceding the grant application; and/or
c. Identifies primary residence in North Dakota, or bordering states of Montana, South Dakota or Minnesota;
d. Signs a written agreement to work at least four years in a North Dakota healthcare facility;
e. Must be employed by the healthcare facility, not a contractor.

Program Eligibility


NonResident Nursing Employment Relocation Program Grant Guidelines and Application