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4-15-2021 Workforce Development
Real DEAL Scholarships Accepting ApplicationsBND logo

Bank of North Dakota is continuing its Real DEAL Scholarship program and is accepting applications. Eight recipients of $500 scholarships from across the state will be drawn monthly from October to March. The 48 recipients will also have an opportunity to compete for one $3,000 scholarship by completing an application in April.
Scholarship criteria include:
  • Student must have a GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Student must be involved in at least two school- or community-based activities
  • Student must attend a North Dakota college
Students may complete the scholarship application at
7 Critical Skills for the Workforce

Employers are noticing some critical skills are missing in the workplace and it’s not only new employees missing them. Per, there are seven critical skills missing in the workforce.
  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are more than googling the answer. To create a solution, questions first need to be asked. Asking questions leads to the correct answer to the problem. Innovation and creativity are key in critical thinking and problem solving. Just because something was always done one way, doesn’t make it correct.
  2. Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence have been somewhat gapped by technology. Students need to experience the full potential of technology. Will they work for a company that has locations nationwide? Will their job allow them to telecommunicate but still correspond with colleagues in the office? Companies are  changing their culture to allow for more teamwork on projects instead of top-down authority. Students need to be able to collaborate with diverse groups and complete a common goal.
  3. Agility and Adaptability are taught in classrooms in a designed routine and fixed procedure. In the past, students learned from textbooks and recalled the information on tests. Now with technology, students adapt to different learning skills and flexible class schedules.
  4. Initiative and Entrepreneurship have increased, especially in North Dakota. Students are learning to be more resourceful and take more initiative in their projects. Some start as early as opening a lemonade stand. Using these skills, students become their own employer or employees who are constantly seeking new opportunities and bringing new ideas to the company.
  5. Effective Oral and Written Communication have been changed by technology and texting. Clear communication is more than proper grammar. Students need to be able to effectively and at times persuasively communicate thoughts, ideas, and directions in a clear and professional way.
  6. Assessing and Analyzing Information can be overbearing with all the data available. Students will need to be able to assess and analyze everything in order to decide what is credible. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t make it true and can lead to embarrassing errors in the workplace.
  7. Curiosity and Imagination are powerful drivers in today’s youth. They can lead to the entrepreneurial course or allow students to come up with creative ideas and solutions to problems. It’s these ideas and solutions that will create new advances in medicine and technology.
Adult Education Helps Improve Lives

Adult Education helps adults break cycles of poverty and illiteracy by giving them the skills they need to succeed as workers, family members and citizens. Adult education programs and teachers help adults improve basic skills which help them get and keep jobs. As a working member of society, adults engage more with their community and their children. They are able to help with their children’s homework and be positive role models. Adults who improve their education are less likely to lead a life of crime and increase their self-esteem and productivity. For more information on adult education, please visit the Department of Public Instruction’s Adult Education website

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