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4-15-2021 Workforce Development

Creating Excellence....Taking Action....Empowering Students

The 46th Annual Professional Development Conference sponsored by Career and Technical Education will be held August 8-10, 2016 in Bismarck. The featured speaker is Dr. Rick Rigsby, a college professor for two decades, whom spent most of those years at Texas A&M University, where he also served as character coach and chaplain for the Aggies football team.
Michael Connet, the Senior Director of Outreach and Partner Development for the Association of Career and Technical Education will be speaking on Tuesday morning.

Jeff McCauley, owner of The Marketing Teacher, who has developed numerous activities and cirricula for Sports Marketing courses will be presenting on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Tuesday, he will be presenting on Social Media in the Classroom and Technology in the Classroom. Wednesday, he will be presenting on SOLOMO (Social Local Mobile).

More than 600 teachers and exhibitors are expected to be at the conference. Programs include: administration, agriculture, business, career development, family and consumer sciences, health, marketing, technology and engineering, and trades.

I Love Deadlines......

College is starting soon! That means deadlines. Douglas Adams says it well, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

There are a few critical deadlines ahead for parents and students before college starts this fall.

•FAFSA: If you haven’t completed the FAFSA for the upcoming school year, get it done at It is easier to complete than it used to be. Many are reporting it only takes about 30 minutes if they have all of their financial information handy. When completing the FAFSA online, you can access the IRS data retrieval tool and prepopulate many of the fields.

•Student loans: Will your child need a student loan? Bank of North Dakota (BND) recommends accessing the Federal Perkins and Direct Loans first. If that isn’t enough to cover it, then contact BND for the DEAL Student Loan at

•Master Promissory Note: Make sure your child has signed the Master Promissory Note for federal student loans so they can be deposited in the college’s account.

•Entrance counseling: Students must complete entrance counseling about their student loans prior to them being mailed to the college. This was instituted several years ago to educate students about their responsibilities for repayment upon leaving school or graduate.

•Stock up on tissues: Smile. Saying good bye is tough for most parents. Be proud. You’ve raised a child ready to take on the next challenge.

Additions to RUReadyND

The Career Resource Network is announcing two changes to RUReadyND, the web-based career information delivery system made available through funding from the Bank of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education.

Energy Careers in North Dakota is a new module found at

The new module was designed to: 

•Highlight North Dakota energy industry subsectors.

•Link to the North Dakota colleges and universities offering programs that contribute directly to energy industry employment.

•Provide access to Job Service North Dakota for up-to-date employment opportunities and Labor Market information.


The domain name was changed to on June 27th, 2016. The previous domain name will redirect to the new site.

DEAL One Loan is an Employee Recruitment Tool

The DEAL One Loan is the student loan refinancing option available only to North Dakota residents through Bank of North Dakota. The Fargo Forum recently ran an article explaining the benefits of the DEAL One and how employers are leveraging it for their recruitment activities.

The program allows residents to refinance all of their student loans, including federal student loans, into one loan and take advantage of today’s lower interest rates. Through September 30, the fixed interest rate is 4.33%APR and variable rate is 2.15%APR. The variable rate will not increase by more than 1% per year regardless of what happens in the interest rate market.

People who refinance with DEAL One are encouraged to keep their banking relationship with their current institution. Visit for more information.

Bismarck Mandan Student Chamber Looking for Members

The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce and its business members are aware that the teenagers of today are tomorrow’s employees or business owners. Through a program such as the Student Chamber of Commerce, this would be an opportunity for students of the high school junior and senior age level to participate in activities that would provide insight into what it means to be a leader in today’s economic climate.

The students will meet one day a month, for 2 hours out of school. Meeting times rotate each month so as to not have the students miss the same classes each month. The program will include 6 board meetings in addition to an opening and closing event.

The program is designed to enlighten and open up the minds of these students while providing a great platform for introductions and networking as these young leaders emerge into the professional world. Along with making great connections, developing an understanding of our community and the business world, the program is also an honorable activity for students to list on college applications and job resumes.
The application process is fairly simple. The application form, which includes an essay of 200 words or less can be found at, The applications will be given to the Chamber’s Business Education Partnership Committee for final decision. Students are encouraged to apply regardless of grades. If you are interested in your community and have an interest in civic activities, please apply.



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