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4-15-2021 Workforce Development

CollegeSave.JPGThe Gift That Keeps on Giving - College Savings

 According to Gallup polls, the average American spends $830 on Christmas gifts. Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year? How about your children?
Most people will have a tough time recalling many of the gifts. It's just one reason a College SAVE account makes so much sense for the children in your life - whether they are your own, your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or the child of a special friend. You can start the account with only $25 or contribute to an existing account.

College SAVE is administered by the Bank of North Dakota and is North Dakota's 529 plan which helps people save for college tax-deferred. In addition to the earnings growing tax-deferred, North Dakota taxpayers can take a special deduction on their North Dakota tax obligation. Contributions may be deducted annually from your state taxable income up to $10,000 if married, filing jointly or up to $5,000 if filing single and you don't have to be the account owner to take the deduction.

There are two grant programs available under College SAVE. The $200 Children FIRST grant is given to newborns when a College SAVE account is opened before their first birthday. The $300 North Dakota Matching Grant is available to families with income levels beginning at $120,000 federally adjusted gross income. Some of those families may qualify for additional grants if they earn less.

The gift of college savings is one that will be remembered forever.

Check out College SAVE or contact James Barnhardt, College SAVE administrator at the Bank of North Dakota 328.5882.

RUREADYND.pngRU Ready for Parents

Did you know that as a parent you can create an RUReadyND account similar to the account used by your son or daughter?

RUReadyND, a web-based career information delivery system, is provided for students in grades KI-12 with funding from the Bank of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education. Students are able to explore career information, complete career assessments, and research post-secondary training/education options. Career planning work is saved into an electronic portfolio for later reference. Parents can create an account within the system and also connect with their student's information.

Here's how to get started:

1. Go to
2. Choose Create an Account and select Parent as your "Who are You?" option.

After registering, you can either create an account to have access to the entire site or view what is readily available by clicking on the links and tabs.
Collegeapplicationmonth.JPGCollege Application Month 2016 is in the Books.

October was an incredible month for high school seniors in North Dakota. Nearly 3,000 seniors in 84 high schools across the state completed a college application to a North Dakota college.  During this time, the Bank of North Dakota covered the $35 application fee for each student.

College Application Month is a national effort initiated to help low-income and first-generation students take the first step in applying for college. Our thanks to the high school counselors, teachers, and administration along with the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this a special time for their students and the banking community across the state.

Plans are underway for College Application Month 2017 next October. Schools can register this spring and provide an estimated number of students who will participate. Visit Bank of North Dakota's College Planning Center for details.

Save the Date - Educators in Industry

Educators in Industry was a success last year with ten educators statewide taking advantage of the opportunity. With this year being the end of the biennium, there will only be one session this year. June 5th will start the four week course for educators to experience the work environment of area businesses. More information will be available on the website closer to February.

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