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The Commission shall monitor the activities of a center to determine whether it is having the desired economic impact; to ensure compliance with state laws; and to measure progress towards the assertions made in the center’s application. 
A center that has received at least one disbursement of award funds and whose monitoring has not been concluded by the Commission is subject to post-award monitoring as a condition of its award.

The monitoring period for a center shall be no less than six years and no more than ten years following center designation. During this timeframe, the monitoring of a center shall conclude at the will of the Commission.

A center may formally request that the Commission conclude its post-award monitoring of the center at anytime between six and ten years after its designation. Such requests should be made in writing and should include a justification for the request. Any such requests are to be submitted to Commerce for presentation to the Commission.

To access required monitoring forms and scope of work documents, please visit Resources & Publications.

*In the event that the due date for a report falls on a weekend, the report shall be due by 5:00 PM the following Monday.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports for each center are due on January 31 and April 30.  The January 31 deadline is for grant-related activities that occurred between October 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year and the April 30 deadline is for grant-related activities that occurred between January 1 and March 31 of the current calendar year.


Functional Reviews

The Functional Review is an in depth review of that shall be completed annually by a center. 
The scope of the Functional Review shall be broad so that the same format may be used uniformly by centers. Topics to be addressed in the review include: assessing economic impacts; assessing timeline, budget, and sustainability assertions; assessing significant variations from the applications, documenting matching and leveraged funds; and compliance with state law and program guidelines. Economic impacts to be assessed shall include: job creation, spin out companies, expansion of existing ND companies, and expansion of out-of-state companies to ND. 
A center is expected to report results under the topics that are applicable to and consistent with its stated purposes, objectives, and goals. 
The reporting period for the review shall be the previous fiscal year, from July 1st of the previous calendar year to June 30th of the current calendar year. 

Functional Reviews are due on August 15th of each reporting year. 


Agreed-Upon Procedures

A center shall contract for an agreed-upon procedures engagement annually. The agreed-upon procedures scope of work shall include the specific tasks identified in  N.D.C.C. §§ 15-69-05 or 54-65-03 or as well as other tasks identified by Commerce that are necessary to effectively monitor the activities of a center.

Agreed-Upon Procedures are due on September 12th of each reporting year. 


Financial Audits

A center shall be audited on all funds distributed to the center under N.D.C.C. Chapters 15-69 or 54-65 after the second full fiscal year of post-award monitoring and after all funds distributed to the center under N.D.C.C. Chapters 15-69 or 54-65  have been expended.

In years when Financial Audits are required, the are due on September 12th.

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