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Blaise Energy

When oil is pumped from the ground, excess gas surfaces and is currently burned off through flaring. Few profitable options exist to capture and transport that oil drilling by-product; however, Dickinson-based Blaise Energy, Inc. is studying ways to reduce flaring and generate energy from the excess gas produced during oil drilling.

successstories_blaise.jpgThe pilot project places generators at oil production well sites to transform wellhead flare gas into high-quality, three-phase electricity, which is then sold to the local rural electric cooperatives. The modern, natural gas-fueled generators burn cleanly with "ultra low" emissions ratings that exceed state and federal emissions standards.

"There is a different feel here. Business and commerce is very much encouraged in North Dakota," said president Mark Wald. "There are a lot of programs available within the state to encourage new business and new business ideas and new business methods."

Blaise Energy has received $375,000 in state stimulus research funds to continue this project. Following the North Dakota Industrial Commission approval, the North Dakota Office of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in conjunction with the US Department of Energy provided a $2 million Recovery Act award for the company to implement five megawatts of generation to recycle approximately 600 billion BTU (British Thermal Units) of gas annually. This will provide enough power to supply 5,000 homes per year.

This "recycled energy" helps better utilize the state's natural resources while reducing emissions. By working directly with state leadership, Blaise Energy is providing real solutions to address the challenge of flaring in North Dakota.

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