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North Dakota Continues to Lead the Nation in Housing Development
Post Date: May 22 2014

By ND Governor's Office
For the third year in a row, North Dakota has developed new housing at a faster rate than any other state in the nation. North Dakota added 10,207 new housing units last year, the nation’s strongest growth rate at just over three percent, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released today.
“North Dakota’s strong economy is fueling development across the state and that includes a major expansion of new housing for residents of all income levels,” Dalrymple said. “We will continue working with private industry to expand our housing opportunities throughout the state, especially in communities experiencing rapid growth.”
At 3.1 percent growth, North Dakota’s rate of housing development was 10 times greater last year than the nation’s average of 0.3 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
North Dakota also led the nation in the percentage of housing development in 2012 and 2011. In the past three years, North Dakota has added about 22,000 new housing units, said Kevin Iverson, manager of the state Census Office.
            North Dakota’s Housing Incentive Fund is one of several tools used to facilitate the development of affordable housing throughout the state. This biennium, the program will leverage $150 million in construction financing to create 922 housing units, with 214 set aside for low-to-moderate income households and for those who provide essential community services in energy impacted communities. The state’s support for greater housing development also includes $12 million in Flex PACE buydown funds for residential construction.
Several North Dakota counties ranked among the nation’s top 100 in housing growth. The U.S. Census Bureau’s ranking includes: 
#1     Williams County – 15.6 percent increase with 1,984 new housing units.
#2     Stark County – 13.5 percent increase with 1,545 new housing units
#4     Ward County – 5.1 percent increase with 1,474 new housing units
#8     Morton County – 4.5 percent increase with 570 new housing units
#10   Burleigh County – 3.7 percent increase with 1,376 new housing units
#18   Cass County – 2.7 percent increase with 1,899 new housing units
#73   McLean County – 1.6 percent increase with 89 new housing units
#93   Grand Forks County - 1.4 percent increase with 404 new housing units

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