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At this Grand Forks golf course, golfers will soon be able to have their food and drinks delivered via drone
Post Date: Sep 13 2018

GRAND FORKS — Golfers at the pristine King’s Walk golf course in Grand Forks will soon have the choice of ordering food and beverages and having it delivered via drone on the golf course.

Flytrex, an Israeli drone logistics company, announced a partnership Wednesday, Sept. 5, with King’s Walk and Ease Drones to begin a four-to-six-week trial of the food delivery system, which is anticipated to debut Saturday, Sept. 15.

How it works is golfers will first download a custom-built Flytrex mobile app designed for users to place an order for food and beverages at the nearby Eagle’s Crest Bar & Grill. The food, which can vary from grilled hamburgers to cold sandwiches, along with any beverages, will then be loaded into the drone where a staff member then presses a button to deploy the cloud-connected drone. The order is then lowered down via a tethered wire and delivered to designated drop-off points on the golf course using geofencing technology.

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