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APUC to Review Funding Requests Totaling $495,529
Post Date: Apr 29 2015

By ND Commerce
The North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) will review funding requests for ten projects totaling $495,529.45 at its quarterly meeting May 21st at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Washburn.
APUC is a committee of the North Dakota Department of Commerce that administers grant programs for researching and developing new and expanded uses for North Dakota agricultural products. The grants can be used for basic and applied research, marketing and utilization, farm diversification, nature-based agritourism, prototype and technology and technical assistance.
The following requests will be reviewed:
Anna Stassens (Granville), co-owner of Buffalo Creek Bodyworks, is requesting $12,105.45 to develop Buffalo Creek Orchards on two acres of land. The orchard will grow four species of organic apples and three species of organic raspberries. The harvest will be sold at farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants and through the produce distribution food hub in Anamoose.  Contact Anna Stassens at (360) 852-6702.
Lindsay Ostlie (Carrington), co-owner of Ostlie's Sunny Side Acres, is requesting $25,000 to plant a half acre of hops and for the establishment of a small hops processing facility on their existing farm. The facility will enable Sunny Side Acres to pellet, package and market locally grown hops, thereby meeting increasing demands from the growing micro-brewing industry in North Dakota. Contact Lindsay Ostile at (701) 285-3344.
Mirek Petrovic (Rugby), co-owner of Very Berry Patch U-Pick, is requesting $53,445 to create The Farm-tastic Food Hub in an attempt to aggregate and distribute fresh produce from small growers throughout North Dakota. Contact Mirek Petrovic at (701) 542-2537.
Bison Compost, LLP (Leeds) is requesting $135,100 to further develop a North Dakota-based bison manure compost business that produces and sells antibiotic and hormone-free product in various sizes.  Contact Judy Duenow at (701) 466-2216.
Bowdon Meat Processing Cooperative (Bowdon) is requesting $16,380 to support marketing efforts and to pay for a refrigerated trailer. The company intends to work with AdFarm to develop and implement a go-to-market strategy to diversify operations beyond custom slaughter. Contact Robert Martin at (701) 356-1049.
Prairie Roots Food Cooperative (Fargo) is requesting $59,325 to open a full-line retail food cooperative in Fargo to offer local farmers an opportunity to sell their yields. APUC funds will pay for a general manager and a marketing consultant to specialize in local food marketing prior to the store opening and during the first months of operation. Contact Tim Mathern at (701) 476-7825.
Altavian Inc (Grand Forks) is requesting $58,800 to partner with the Unmanned Applications Institute (UAI), in conjunction with the corn, soybean, potato and dry bean growers associations, to conduct research as to the use unmanned aerial systems. This will include monitoring crop/plant stands, disease and invasive species identification and potential water deficiencies of corn soybeans, potatoes and dry beans. Contact Thomas Rambo at (855) 325-8284.
NDSU Department of Plant Sciences (Fargo) is requesting $30,510 to conduct research to develop new formulations of plant growing media using Dakota Peat and to test the performance of newly developed mixes on growing floricultural crops, as well as other horticultural crops for mass market. Contact Chiwon Lee at (701) 231-8062.
NDSU Department of Plant Sciences (Fargo) is requesting $44,366 to introduce 20 raspberry cultivars that show certain winter hardiness to North Dakota.  Contact Wenhao Dai at (701) 231-8473.
Midwest Malting (Bismarck) is requesting $60,498 to start a craft malting company in North Dakota, a state where numerous varieties of barley are produced. Contact Jared Stober at (701) 595-3388.
For additional program information please visit North Dakota APUC at www.NDAPUC.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NDAPUC.
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