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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Innovate ND is open to all North Dakotans whether they are residents, former residents, students, alumni, faculty, etc. What is important is the desire to locate the venture in North Dakota. Either an individual or a team of up to four persons is eligible. 

Is this for me?
Innovate ND works if you are an entrepreneur or innovator either working on an innovative new business concept - or if you are already venturing but are generating less than $1 million per year in revenue. Innovate ND is for entrepreneurs establishing innovative ventures in North Dakota. For participants, Innovate ND provides access to great venture tools, online entrepreneur education and resources. The process will help you refine your venture and your investor pitch. 

Is my idea really a "breakthrough idea"?
Who would have thought 20 years ago that selling coffee was innovation? Yet Starbucks pioneered a new business model to sell premium coffee. Their commercial success suggests this is an example of a breakthrough idea. Innovation comes in many forms and we cannot predict the range of innovation that may be possible.

What is included?
The entry fee of $250 gains you access to:
  1. Up to $2,500 in services at a certified entrepreneurial center.
  2. Access to a venture building process.
  3. Online entrepreneur education and access to the Innovate ND Idea Studio.
  4. Business planning tools.
  5. Entrepreneurial boot camps conducted by Dr. Jeff Stamp which will be held at entrepreneurial center across the state in February, March and April. A second set of boot camps will be held in the fall of 2014.
  6. Access to a statewide entrepreneurial community.
  7. If you idea is progressing, upon review it could be considered for Phase II entry, and possibly Phase III of Innovate's program. Learn more about Innovate ND's Phases.
More Questions?

For more information email Jared Stober, Innovate ND program manager, or call at 701-328-5373.

This web site will be used to promote, develop and deliver entrepreneur educational opportunities, as well as offer a continuous opportunity to bring together emerging ventures with the needed tools and information to develop a viable venture. 
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